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Sometimes I’m concerned how my friends would feel if they found out I was pregnant. Would they assume I’m a dirty irresponsible slut because I had a child out of wedlock and before I had a good job? Would they be ok and support my decision? 

My biological alarm clock is going off so loud, I really really want kids right now. I just want to pop out a set of twins and be the happiest mother ever. Marriage is a social custom and is not required to have a happy family. It is perfectly ok for adults to live with their parents, as long as they are not mooching and being lazy assholes. A lot of the time, especially in times where jobs aren’t as plenty, people move back in with their families and they all support each other equally, even if that means the grandparents just take care of the household. They all work together and I sort of wish more families were like that. 

I really want kids right now. I want my entire life dedicated to my babies starting now. I’m 20 and believe it or not this is a perfectly ok age to have children. We bash girls having babies at 15 or 16, and although they were being irresponsible (as were the boys they had sex with), there was a time where that was normal. They just need to learn college and a lifelong career isn’t for everyone. Being a stay-at-home mom isn’t bad. Being a stay-at-home dad isn’t either. The families of girls who have children at 15 should learn to support her and teach her responsibility. We should also teach our sons responsibility too. 

Right now I almost feel bad and guilty for not having children. I’m 20. My body is fucking RIPE for the baby-making. Just because I haven’t hit that social American benchmark of 21 doesn’t mean I’m a fucking child. I’m an adult who is attending college, drives a car, holds a job, and can admit when something is too much to handle. I can keep a promise. I can help my family.

I hate that I can’t give a baby the miracle of life without being scolded and bashed for not being in my mid-30’s. I wont go and party and leave my baby at home. I’ll still go to college. I’ll get married still. UGH it’s just so unfair!

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